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Xender Apk

Why Choose?

How to Setup?

This app is specifically designed to transfer important data and files from one Android device to another. Its working is much similar to Bluetooth but in a faster and more efficient way. You have to download the app on both devices from where you have to receive data. Downloading is totally free from our link given above. You can download and log in for further process. After allowing all permission, you have to pair your device with another using this app. Once pairing is done, you can easily transfer files from one device to another for free. You can use this application while remaining offline.

How to Transfer Files?

Connection between two devices basically depends on pairing both devices. Because there is no cable connection between 2 devices for transferring data. You can only select your photos, files, documents, videos, and applications, and transfer them to other devices.

Fastest File Transfer App

This is the fastest file transfer application, and it is available on all platforms like Android, iOS, and PC. This is the most reliable and authentic application you can easily use due to its amazing user-friendly interface.

Group Sharing

Now, You can share a file with many people at the same time. This is a wonderful feature of the app. If you are working in an office, then you can connect as many people with you as you want. The file will be shared with all of your colleagues and friends immediately.

Built In Media Player

This app has a built-in media player, which means that you do not need any other external media player. You can easily watch videos and music with this app. Do not install any other media player app that must contain any sort of dangerous thing that can damage your phone. Use this app as your media player and enjoy watching videos with easy controls of it.

Safe and Secure

This application is 100% safe and secure to download and use on your Android devices. There is no fear of downloading it, and there is no risk of misuse of your privacy and personal data. You don’t have to worry about interfering with your privacy matters.

Free to Download

This app is the most exciting application that you can download to your device for free. You only have to connect your device to an internet connection. There is a downloading link given above for your quick downloading free without any difficulty. You don’t have to pay a single penny to download and use it on your Android device.

Send Unlimited Data

Transferring and sharing data from one device to another is always limited before introduction to this app. There are different transferring apps on the internet that allow you to share your files and data, like Shareit, Zapya, Bluetooth, and others. However, these apps allow the user to share limited sizes and numbers at one time. But it gives the advantage of sharing large size and unlimited files and data from one device to another at one time.

Enjoy Mini Games

This is not only a sharing app but also entertains the user in the form of mini-games. Now, you can play games while your data is transferred. In this way, you will not be bored as the waiting is always difficult. Mini-games are the best way to kill your spare time.

Download Status

Most people download different apps to download statuses from WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and others. But if you download this app, there is no need to download any other app for specific status downloading purposes. You can download status free of cost. This will also save the storage space on your device.

High Privacy and Security

Developers of Xender work hard and tough in order to provide you with the best security and privacy. For this purpose, they took extreme security measures to protect users’ privacy. You can download and use this application without any fear of misuse of your personal data.

Connection via PC

As we mentioned above, at the launch time, this was only designed for Android devices. But, later, developers decided to upgrade it for IOS and PC users. Because users also want to transfer data from their PCs to their Android phones. Now, with the new upgraded version, you can also share data from IOS to PC. There is no limitation in sharing data between Android, IOS, and PC.

Easy to Use

This is a very easy and simple application to use, even if you are a first-time user. There is no hard and fast rules and regulation in operating it. After downloading by our above-given downloading link, you have to sign in. One thing to remember, it will be available on both sending and receiving devices. Xender should be paired at the time of sharing data and files. Select data and files from the sending device and click on the sending option to pair it with the receiving device.

Consumes Low Storage

This is a small-size application with low capacity. It will not take large space on your device. Its working is quite simple and don’t cause any difficulty like hanging, failing, and disconnecting. You can download it on your device even if you have low storage left on your device.

No Adds

There is no interruption in the form of ads while sharing your data and files. You can transfer your data smoothly without irritation of skipping adds.

Time-Saving App

This Amazing App is one of the world-famous application of transferring you long sized files and data in one time click. This is a big relief for both senders and receivers at the same time. Because selecting a limited amount of files and data takes your energy and time. With the help of Xender, you can select all the data you send without any size or number limitations and share it in no time. It will save your time and energy both.

Get Regular Official Updates

Small and different updates are always needed for each app to make for better work. Developers of this always work hard to make sure it’s properly working. There is always some regular update needed to ensure it is properly working.

Works Efficiently

This is one of the best sharing applications because of its working and features. This application is very simple, and sharing is quick and easy. You can send unlimited data and large-sized files without any interruption of adds, hanging, and disconnecting.

File Manager

This app will give you all the amazing features that an app can have. You will have a file manager with Xender, which means that you do not need any other file manager to manage your galley and phone storage. This is an all-in-one app that provides you with a huge advantage with many additional features along with file sharing.